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Jul 12, What is Metaprogramming? Metaprogramming Output is in Your Control. Metadata is Distinct, Flexible, and Isolated. Metaprogramming is the Easiest Way to Do the Job. Introduction 1m What Does Easiest Mean?

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Human Crafted Code is Sacred. Introduction 1m What is Handcrafted Code? The Metaprogramming Result is Highest Quality.

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Introduction 1m What is Roslyn or the. NET Compiler Platform?

Metaprogramming in .NET using "Roslyn" CTP and Nemerle

Description Are you ready to embrace metaprogramming to make a better application in less time? About the author Kathleen Dollard is a.


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Part 1 Demystifying metaprogramming

Get access now Sign up to get immediate access to this course plus thousands more you can watch anytime, anywhere. Cancel Start free trial Cancel. Ready to skill up your entire team? Need more licenses? Contact sales. IsReferenceType ;. Advanced samples. Constructor-over injection or new in constructor. Verify declarative [Attribute] composition. Assembly, GetType. AddReference assembly ; Array. ImportNamespace namespace ; Console.

WriteLine engine. ScriptCS execution sample. Runtime T4 creates C code.

Manning | Metaprogramming in .NET

Roslyn compiles assembly. Roslyn creates submission. Net App Domain. Note about "Code-as-Data" Roslyn vs.

Minsk F# Community

MEF Roslyn vs. Note about "Dynamic" programming Roslyn vs.

1. Chapter 1 Metaprogramming concepts

Corner cases. Roslyn CTP license limitations. Compile-time metaprogramming using macros You can think about macros as of a system of compile-time transformations and automatic generation of code with regard to some rules by Nemerle.

nsurerorav.gq Design by contract. Compile-time validation.