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In addition, players, parents and coaches will be asked to sign their agreement to the Sportsmanship Code at the start of the season. Coaches, please note! YOU are responsible for the behavior of your fans and players in addition to your own behavior. Encourage them to cheer for all good plays, to leave the coaching to you, the refereeing to the officials and to be understanding if and when an official or a player makes a mistake. It happens. If it continues to be a problem, talk to your age group coordinator.

Game officials are instructed to hold YOU responsible for your fans. Red cards issued to coaches or fans will be dealt with severely. Each age grouping has an Age Group coordinator who is responsible for the smooth operation of that age group. The Age Group Coordinators:. Each age group division has an Age Group Coordinators directly responsible for team activities. Should you have any questions, please call the appropriate Age Group Coordinator.

Prosper Area Soccer Organization

These coordinators are listed on the TPSC page. Divisional placement is determined by the age of a player on July 31 of that year--the spring newsletter has a reference calendar. Please contact your Age Group Coordinator with any special requests. Teams have been formed by the Age Group Coordinators in the age divisions. Every effort is made to balance team strengths in each category so that teams may participate equally.


To this effect, we ask that you grade your players at the end of each season. The following guidelines are used in order to establish a standard evaluation process. How strong and accurate are the kicks?

Soccer Coaching Defending Drill: Small-Sided Game

Each summer the Age Group Coordinators review the ratings from the last season. Prior to team formation, the Age Group Coordinators discuss individual ratings with particular coaches. Shortly after registration, and after late registrations are in and counted, and coaches are found for all teams, the teams are selected.

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If after the season begins, there is a serious imbalance in team strength, it may be necessary to make some adjustments. However, no changes or additions to team rosters may be made without the consent of the Age Group Coordinator and the club registrar and all coaches who could be effected by a change or addition. However, no changes or additions to team rosters may be made without the consent of the Age Group Coordinator and the club registrar and all coaches who could be affected by a change or addition.

For insurance purposes, you may not allow any unregistered child to practice or play with your team. Any player who seeks to register after teams are formed may be assigned to a previously-formed team, if this can be done 1 without seriously disrupting competitive balance among teams in the division, and 2 without making team size greater than is reasonable. All assignments and decisions will be made by the Registrar and the Age Group Coordinators. To preserve competitive balance or reasonable team size, assignment of a late registrant may not be permitted, or may be deferred until other late registrants have signed up.

NOTE: A player must be listed on your roster in order to play. An unlisted player is unregistered and therefore uninsured and cannot play.

For NYSA Coaches

Call the Registrar with questions. Coaches volunteer and are recruited during registration nights and during the late spring and early summer. The Coach Recruitment Committee interviews and selects qualified volunteers whose names are submitted to the Board for approval.

Training for coaches, both novice and experienced, is done prior to the season. These are highly recommended for all coaches. All coaches are encouraged to obtain at least an "F" coaching license. At least one coach from each team is required to attend the Coaches Orientation Meeting but all are encouraged to attend. The videos are excellent in that they not only give visual and auditory description of skills and plays, but they also inspire confidence and encouragement for those coaches who are a bit anxious!

Team rosters with address and phone numbers. Individuals registration forms with medical consent. Practice balls and a game ball. Goalie shirt except for U8. CYSA Handbook with list of basic soccer rules.

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Send a letter at the beginning of the season to players and their parents telling them who you are, when practices will occur, what your expectations are for players and parents, your feelings about sportsmanship, etc. Ask for parent volunteers for various assignments including team parent. Be sure to tell them that each player is to bring his own ball and wear shinguards to every practice.

Along with the letter include the team roster and game schedule if available then. Include the Code of Conduct. Your Age Group Coordinator will coordinate the practice schedule among teams to assure your dates do not conflict with other teams. When daylight saving time ends, fields become very crowded, and coaches using the fields at the same time are encouraged to cooperate in finding adequate space for each team. One team does not need a large area for practice. Also, scrimmages between teams can be a fun way to end practices and use a larger space.

Practices cannot be held before Monday, August 2th. Have your team select a name as soon as possible. We very much encourage teams to take a Shark-themed name. This helps to promote team and Club spirit and cohesiveness. Select a Team Parent mother or father who will help with phone calls and organize other parent volunteers.

Your Team Parent should assign duties to various families, e. Coaches are encouraged to ask for parent participation at each practice. The Team Parent can organize a schedule. These parents can be used for helping run drills, handling discipline problems or anything else a coach needs. Practices should occur twice a week at a minimum for U and above.

For all except Under 8, length of practices vary with age groups. Under 8 and Under 10 players can tolerate short practices of minutes. All players must wear shinguards. Do not allow any player to play without them. Encourage players to bring their own balls to practice. Make sure that all players have access to water during practice breaks. Clean up your area after every practice and game.

Set a policy about drop-off and pick-up of players for practices and games. Please remind parents that players should not be dropped off any earlier than 10 minutes before practice. We have had complaints from the schools about players wandering around the school premises unsupervised.

NorWest Soccer

Make sure parents know when to drop off and pick up their players and what will happen in the event they are delayed in picking up their child ren. Also set a policy about rainy day practices. Be sure to make your definitions and policies clear. Call TILT or logon to this website for field information. All coaches must keep this in mind when working with their teams. There are many ways to train a soccer team, and we encourage and applaud creativity.

The following are guidelines that you may find helpful in planning your practice sessions. Study the written material we have provided. Each team will receive an age-appropriate coaching book. Much additional information is available through links on the Coaches Page of the website. Go to the library and look at the videos. They really will help you.