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Tom Clancy

In the end, the guerrillas partially succeed, destroying a large amount of equipment, though most of the scientific staff survive, and the Afghans suffer horrendous losses, including the death of The Archer. Eventually, Filitov's identity is uncovered by the KGB , and he is subsequently arrested while attempting communication with his control officer, Mary Pat Foley.

He schemes to go public with the defection and capture of Soviet submarine Red October, banking on the political instability of the Soviet Politburo. Filitov and Gerasimov are to be exfiltrated on the departing American delegation's aircraft, and Gerasimov's family is to be extracted from Estonia by John Clark onto the submarine Dallas , commanded by Captain Bart Mancuso.

As Dallas is leaving Soviet waters, a patrol frigate detects the submarine's presence. He gets on the radio and declares that they are the special-operations submarine Novosibiirsk Komsomolets.

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At this point, Ryan has successfully flipped Gerasimov , who has seen the writing on the wall, and fetches Filitov from his confinement using his power as the KGB Chairman. They then stop at Sheremetyevo Airport , awaiting the departure of the American delegation. As the pair pursues Gerasimov and Filitov, Ryan falls from the aircraft to the tarmac, and is taken into custody by an enraged Golovko, who points an unloaded gun at Ryan's head. This becomes a joke between the two in later novels. Ryan orders the plane to depart, banking on his diplomatic status to protect him from harm. Golovko then escorts Ryan to the private dacha of General Secretary Narmonov , where they discuss the CIA 's interest in his political position and the CIA's interference in their internal security. Sign In Don't have an account?

Tom Clancy has taken us on a hunt for a renegade submarine, into an astonishing scenario for World War III, and to the frontlines of terrorism. Now he looks to the skies and one of the most remarkable technological competitions of our time -- the race to develop "Star Wars. In a rolling sea off the coast of South America, a target disappears in a puff of green light.

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In the Soviet hills of Dushanbe near the Afghanistan border, an otherworldly array of pillars and domes rises into the night. To the two greatest nations on earth, no contest is more urgent than the race to build the first Star Wars missile defense system, and no one knows that more than the two men charged with assessing the Soviets' capabilities: Colonel Mikhail Filitov of the Soviet Union, an old-line warrior distrusted by the army's new inner circle of technocrats, and CIA analyst Jack Ryan, hero of the Red October affair. Each must use all his craft to arrive at the truth, but Filitov gets there first -- and that's when all hell breaks loose.

His rescue could spell the difference between peace and war, and it is up to Jack Ryan to accomplish it -- if he can -- as, in a breathtaking sequence of hunter and hunted, Filitov's life, and Ryan's and that of the world itself literally hang in the balance. With the exceptional realism and authenticity that have become his hallmark, Clancy puts us again on the cutting edge of modern technology, and humanizes it, taking us deep inside not only the machines but the men, and constructing a story of unrelenting suspense.